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Government regulation of international trade is pervasive. We have the training and experience to help you effectively respond when the U.S. Government intervenes in international transactions.

Safeguard Relief From Import Competition

U.S. industries that are suffering from competition with rapidly increasing imports of competing products may obtain temporary help from the U.S. government even in those instances when the imported products are not being dumped or subsidized. Such temporary 'escape clause' or 'safeguard' relief is available under Sections 201 and 406 of the Trade Act of 1974, which authorize the President to grant temporary relief to U.S. industries that are suffering serious injury as a result of increased imports of competing products. The relief may take numerous forms, including direct financial aid or increased tariffs or quotas on imported articles. These provisions are intended to provide temporary protection to a U.S. industry while the industry makes a positive adjustment to increased import competition.

deKieffer & Horgan, PLLC's attorneys have extensive experience in assistingU.S. clients doing business abroad in complying with these stringent requirements of U.S. law.

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